Harry Dschaak was the running mate of presidential candidate Sterling D. Allan of the Providential Party.  He wrote the following essay on why he should be vice president:

Oct. 24, 2004

To Andy Davis, and all other inclined readers,

My name is Harry Dschaak, and for the next few days I’m the running mate of Sterling D. Allan, representing the Providential Party in the 2004 Presidential election. (See allan2004.com) I have just recieved the attached message and inquiry as to my plan to improve the United States of America, and have been prompted to name three main issues of major importance to me, etc.

Believe it or not, this is a rare occasion for me. In consideration and contemplation of any of the changes in US policy or image overhaul I would like to help initiate, I’ve personally never taken the time to choose or prioritize any particular issue over the next. That might seem odd, (considering the nature of politicians and their campaigns), but that should be your first clue as to how radically different I am than the front runners.

It is apparent to me that there are responsible men and women of voting age in America that have not lost hope for the future of America, (and the world), but have abandoned or distanced themselves from present day government and politics. These valiant souls are more common than I first thought, and for now at least, they are still free. They understand freedom, and democracy. They recognize that both are being redefined at every turn. They gave up voting, because it doesn’t take a mathematical genious to realize their vote would be a wasted registered vote. That aside, they are coming to recognize tyranny, and anarchy, and apathy, NOT from actions of those hard to identify middle eastern countries only, but here, in the homeland.

Whether they would vote for me or not, I would like to band with these types of Americans, and as one equal among them I would propose the following:

First: During the first 8 to 12 months in office, (call it a discovery period), as the Vice President, I would like to hear from every American adult, in writing, just what’s on their mind. I would enlist the help of volunteers in every community in every State to sort, read, and file, each signed letter in a national database. I would make the information public. I would not rely on the polls, the rumors, the House of Representatives, or the opinions of anyone anywhere, as to what the mind and will of the American people might be. I am an advocate for Insight and Awareness wherever it can be found. I believe those two things are essential in making good choices… (especially if the choice is a multiple choice). FWIW, I would not hesitate to choose leaders from among the civilian ranks, if something Joe Public wrote in his letter impressed me.

Second: In the interest of healing America, and going forward as One Nation under God, I would spend some time cleaning house. Agenda driven, me-firsters would be systematically replaced by the meek, (not the weak meek mind you), as soon as they were discovered. For four years at least, there would be no secrets. No shadow government would reign here. All Oaths of secrecy involving the civilian population would be declared absolved, and immunity of some kind would be offered to anyone troubled by their predicament. Some really bad guys might avoid justice for a while, but the bit about plausable deniability is just not acceptable. If we’re a team, then we’d better make sure we’re all on the same team. For the first time in American history, this country’s left hand just might be shocked to discover what the right hand has been up to all these years. A Nation proud will have nothing to hide, and should not have any problem coming clean. Campaign slogan: “Honesty is the best policy”.

Third: Get back on track. I’m not sure just how long ago American leaders headed us down the primrose path, but it definitely has a dead end. The use of fossil fuels, and even cleaner energy such as electricity and nuclear power can’t compare to free energy. I would support any and all efforts to pass legislation to provide tax breaks or other incentives to anyone wishing to study, research, or develop devices that will in any way curb our waste and reduce our dependency on oil. We have yet to learn to compliment Mother Earth, and not abuse her.

For the record, in the last election I deviated from my usual third party candidate wasted vote and voted for Bush, in the Republican dominated State of Idaho, which means I am as much to blame for the mess we’re in as anybody. I feel really bad about that.

Just so you’ll know, I have enjoyed this opportunity to say a few things about a few things. I guess I have an opinion on just about everything, including this election. I do not want anyone to think that I think it is an inspired or fair process, or even a democratic process. It is ridiculous to the bone. Just one of the many things that needs overhauled.

Thank you,




Source: complete post on blogspot.com, Oct. 25, 2004

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  1. I hope you all join me I’m recruiting all of We Are Anonymous to help me out with my Vice Presidential Run this year. Do not vote for the Humanity Party I will vow to take them down myself with all the information that I’m feeding to Anonymous! Vote for me Harry D

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